Oval Cheese Cutting Board Set


Spring 2017


Cheese Servers


TOP QUALITY OAK WOOD - the oak wood used in the manufacturing of this elite StarBlue Oval Cheese Board is of the highest quality. The oak wood is the sternest of wood which makes it perfect for daily and repeated use with sharp and pointed utensils. The base of the board is crafted with detail and precision which prevents the wood from breaking, splitting or cracking

STURDY & STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING UTENSILS – The four top notch and sturdy blades of the utensils offer accurate cutting of any form of cheese to any size and in any desired shape. The stainless steel protects the utensils from erosion of any kind including rusting and discoloring

PERFECT BOARD SHAPE & SIZE – The cheese board is perfectly shaped in an oval. The curved edges along with a separate compartment for utensils is ideal to serve cheese, crackers and small sized fruits. The 12 x 7.3 x 1.6 inch size is not too big for any kitchen closet, neither is it too small for enduring the pressure of cutting

THE NECESSITY FOR EVERY HOME – A StarBlue Oval Cheese Board is a necessity for every home. You can serve small servings of cheese and other eatables to guests on the cheese board. Looks elegant and adds an element of surprise to the décor. Moreover, it can be gifted to a couple on their wedding or to someone that admires cooking

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – StarBlue offer an astonishing 100% money back guarantee in 2 months. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Cheese Board Set, you can return the board to us within 2 months and get your money back.

Cheese Cutting Board Cheese Cutting Board
Cheese Cutting Board


The StarBlue Oval Cheese Board is considered as the most durable cutting instrument in the market. Made from sublime quality oak wood, it guarantees protection against any form of splitting, cracking or breaking. Regardless of the blade and the force that it is used with, the oak wood would protect the surface of the board. Unlike bamboo wood boards that split, crack and break very easily, the oak wood simply does not. Moreover, the supreme brown oak wood color states permanent and stagnant even after years of use but the bamboo wood has the tendency to discolor.

The flawless color also provides an appropriate match with any kitchen décor. Coming to the shape, the oval shape is chosen with great care and after years of experience of dealing in wooden kitchen products. The oval shape looks highly elegant and has a persona about it which rectangular or square shaped cheese board do not possess.

The utensils are made with special blades that cut sharply and are easy to clean as well. Even when it encounters any form of eatable or water, the stainless steel protects against erosion. It remains in sleek condition throughout the usage courtesy of the specifically designed carrying drawer.

The well-placed drawer also adds value and style to an already well made StarBlue Oval Cheese Board. The size of the product is designed and made with perfect crafting. The size is such that it does not occupy a lot of space on the table and can easily fit any kitchen closet or drawer. It is also easy to carry around as it has a minimum weight. Anyone that appreciates cutting and serving on the same plate would love the StarBlue Oval Cheese Board.

Cheese Cutting Board Cheese Cutting Board Cheese Cutting Board

To keep your cutting board and accessory looking new, please follow these use and care instructions.

- DO NOT Place your cutting board in a dishwasher.
- DO NOT Use scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, harsh detergents, vinyl solvents, or substances containing aromatic hydrocarbons or ketones to clean your board and accessories.

- DO Avoid prolonged contact with foods such as berries and coffee grounds, as they may stain the board and accessories. After use wash with warm soapy water, rinse and wipe dry immediately with a clean cloth.
- DO Store your cutting board in a cool dry area. Avoid exposure to excessive heat or extreme dampness. Excessive dryness or humidity can cause cracking.
- DO Apply Food Grade Mineral Oil regularly to prevent the wood from drying out.