10 Ways to Make Family Camping Easier

July 02, 2020

10 Ways to Make Family Camping Easier

From planning, to packing, to managing different personalities--Camping can be one of the most arduous and yet, most rewarding activities a family can do. Below are a few things that you can do for a smoother and more enjoyable time for you and your family!


1. Plan your location

As it is said, “Knowing your enemy is half the battle.” In the same way, gathering as much information about your camping site is the foundation of a better camping experience. Get to know the weather and the terrain so book your trip accordingly. Also, find out whether your spot has good signal for your mobile phones, or at least, enough for calls and texts.

Pro tip: Camp that is near a town or a city. You will never know when you will need to go out for extra errands.


2.) Plan your fees

In any season of your life, budgeting will always come into play, more so when you and your family are out on a trip. Be aware of all the expenses you will be paying in person and be ready for extra fees that you might not have expected otherwise. Bring extra cash-- not too much, just right. It will come in handy for unforeseen circumstances.


3.) Plan your meals

One of the highlights of any camping trips are the meals. Take into account that no matter what the meal is, it will taste great when you are out in the open, so plan simple. To make it easier, put your goods in safer and easier to cook forms, such as putting your eggs in jars instead of bringing it in a carton. Also, freeze as much food as you can. Pro tip: Freeze jugs of water instead of using crushed ice for storing. Jugs of water will last longer than crushed ice, and you can also drink those in the jug as it melts.




4.) Pack necessary equipment

First and foremost, since you and your family are not in the usual comfort of your home, be sure that the things you pack first are the essentials, such as: First aid kit, ropes, matches and/or lighter, survival kits, and lights.


5.) Pack flexible kitchenware

When your out in the forest, of course, you would not be able to bring the whole kitchen with you, so that is where the “flexible” in the title comes into play. Make sure that the kitchenware that you bring can be used in many ways, such as using the pot to fry and a knife as a ladle. Maybe the last ones a bit weird, but bottom line is: Get creative!

Pro tip: Bring your very own Rocket Stove to ease the burden of cooking instead of making a wood pile,


6.) Pack hygienic products

If your campsite has shower rooms or is near a lake or anywhere you can take a bath in, then good for you. If not, be sure to bring wet tissue for those fast and quick hygienic fix-ups. Also, bring a lot of tissue paper as it can be used in a lot of ways.




7.) Play games!

When you are out and away from the bustle of city-life, camping should be a time of being present and in-the-moment with your family. Bring boardgames that everybody can join, or plan out activities that everyone will enjoy, such as scavenger hunts.

 8) Foresight

When unpacking, be aware that you will also be repacking them once it is time to leave, so do not scatter them all over the place to prevent unwanted friction between you and your family members when it is time to go. Designate spots for the tent, kitchen, campfire, ”sink”, and trash. Doing so will make things easier and simpler for everyone.

*Due to Covid-19, you can't go camping, how about try it on your backyard? 

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