5 Amazing Tips for Making Healthy Churros

June 11, 2019

5 Amazing Tips for Making Healthy Churros

If you hear someone saying that she can make healthy churros, you may laugh. You may not believe that churros can be healthy. These tasty goodies are deep fried in the first place and then are rolled in or dusted with powdered sugar. So, you may think how they can be healthy. But if you want, you can make healthy churros. Here are a few tips.

1. Use Electric Churro Maker

The StarBlue electric churro maker allows you to make your churros healthy by offering a no-fry cooking option. This churro maker has non-stick heating plates with churro molds on which you just have to place your churro dough and press and shut the lid (the handle is non-heating) and switch the churro maker on. The churros are cooked on electrically heated plates, just as or rather more crispy and tasty, as you fry them in oil, but without the additional calories. Thus, you get oil-free healthier, tastier and crispier churros.

StarBlue Electric Churro Maker non-stick plates and non-heating handle

2. Use Whole Grain or Oat Flour

While making dough for churros, you can avoid using the refined flour which offers you empty calories and gluten. Instead consider using whole grain or oat flour which is gluten-free. Whole grains and oats are considered to be the healthiest carbohydrates because they are full of fiber and have the lowest glycemic index. Thus they prevent sudden rise in your blood sugar and improves your digestion.

3. Healthy Sweeteners

Instead of rolling churros in refined sugar, you can use a natural sweetener such as stevia. Since the substitute may be different in consistency, you may need to make appropriate changes to the batter.

4. Make Use of Other Flavorings

If you have to use sugar, keep its quantity less and instead use other flavorings like cinnamon and/or vanilla extract in more amount. Both these are healthy and add a great flavor to the churros so that one needs less sugar. They also have an innate sweetness which also helps you to cut down on the sugar.

churros with StarBlue Electric Churro Maker

5. Replace Butter with Organic Shortenings

You can make your churros further healthier by replacing butter with organic shortenings while making your dough. Organic shortenings have no hydrogenated fats or trans fats. And they make your churros equally crispy and tasty as you make them with butter.

So, you can see that using the healthiest options for cooking, you can make churros not only healthy but also crispy and tasty.

The StarBlue Electric Churro Maker helps you in making healthy churros. You don’t have to use oil while churros in it due to which you can avoid those extra empty calories.

This churro maker is easy to clean because with just a few washes and wipes, it becomes spotlessly clean; so you never have to worry about hygiene.

Further this churro maker is very easy to use and so, your cooking time becomes fun. With just a push of a button, your churros are ready, so, you are free from that smoke, heat and sweat.

It has got a heat suppressing handle which protects you from burns and you never have to wait for shutting or opening the churro maker for the handle to cool down, or don’t have to use a kitchen towel to hold the handle which may get caught between the plates and cause a mess.

Due to its compact size, this churro maker can also be stored easily away and take out anytime to make churros without any fuss. There is nothing to assemble, adjust or fit – such an easy and fun experience!

StarBlue Electric Churro Maker easy storage

What’s more, you also get a free recipe e-booklet; so, you don’t have to limit yourself with churros with this multifunctional appliance. There are so many recipes in the booklet like waffles, cookies and empanada!

So, have started planning a party with healthy churros?

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