6 Important Factors to Look for while Buying a Roti Maker

June 07, 2019

6 Important Factors to Look for while Buying a Roti Maker

While rotis are a staple food in most of the Indian households, it’s not very easy for everyone to make tasty, light, round, white and perfectly soft rotis. Therefore, roti makers have been invented. Roti makers can not only make perfect rotis but they also save a lot of time of a housewife because she can perform her other duties and tasks while the roti maker is making rotis for her, whereas while making rotis manually, she has to be continuously engaged in the process and cannot do any other job. But roti makers aren’t totally flawless. With so many of them in the market, how can you choose a perfect roti maker?

The best thing about an electric roti maker is that it automates the process. But in addition, it can also have many features and functions that can make it still more attractive. Look at what functions it has.

StarBlue roti maker features

1. Material and Size of Griddle (Tawa)

The tawa (griddle) of the roti maker should be made of a nonstick material so that you can avoid using oil. This is because the atta (dough of wheat flour) can otherwise get stuck to the tawa and the roti may end up as broken. Regarding the size of the tawa, there are various sizes available; however, for the best rotis 8”-10” tawa is ideal.

2. Indicator Light

This is an important feature and you should make sure that the appliance you are considering has it. An indicator light shows if the roti is ready or not and removes any guesswork and a possibility of your roti remaining over- or under-cooked. Because of the indicator light, one can also know that the appliance is on and accidents can be avoided.

StarBlue roti maker closed

3. Shockproof Housing and Non-heating Handle

It’s also important to check whether the body of the roti-maker is shockproof and is corrosion-resistant. This can save you from sudden breakage of the appliance and you get assurance of hygiene. Also check if the handle is non-heating so that you are protected from burns.

4. Return or Replacement Policy

Make sure you check the return or replacement policy before purchasing so that you can return the appliance immediately if you are not satisfied with the purchase and won’t have to repent.

5. Add-ons

Check if the company is offering any additional goodies. E.g. with the Electric Roti Maker by StarBlue, you get a free Roti Warmer which keeps the rotis warm for up to an hour.

StarBlue roti maker with roti warmer

6. Performance

Checking the performance of the roti-maker you are planning to buy is important. Read reviews and see if other buyers are happy with the appliance, if the rotis it makes are soft and tasty, and if the overall performance is good.

The general method of making rotis in the roti-maker is like this:

You should make dough and keep it aside. Then plug in the appliance and wait for the indicator light to turn off or changes color as per the instructions. Next make round balls each of around 1.5 inch diameter of the dough and press to flatten them between your palms. Place a ball on the rear side of the tawa and close the upper plate and lock the lever. Open it immediately and you’ll see a round roti inside. Flip it after 20 seconds. When air bubbles start showing on the roti’s surface, place the upper plate on it gently for a few seconds and the roti will be puffed up.

Check if this process is perfect. This is because you are buying the appliance for making rotis and not because the appliance is good to look at, shiny, easy to clean and store, etc. If it’s not making rotis as you want, everything else is useless. So, checking performance is the key.

Hopefully, your new roti-maker will make your life easy and delicious.

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