Daily Mediterranean Retreat at Home — Ajillo

February 25, 2023

Daily Mediterranean Retreat at Home — Ajillo

Not everyone owns a house with a sea view, but you can always have the seafood! Don’t let the reality defeat you. Nothing stops you being self-sufficient creating your own holiday. After a hectic day, taking one or two hours to treat yourself is totally worth it.

The Importance of a Shift in Eating Style

The Mediterranean diet is highly commended by the World Health Organisation and health experts. It celebrates the freshness of food and the rainbow of vegetables, which provides the nutrients strengthening our immune system. WHO has classified processed food as cancer-inducing agents; besides, in spite of limited evidence, frequent consumption of red meat potentially takes a toll to our health.

We all know that eating healthy is quintessential. However, as Uncle Roger said, salad tastes sad; vegetables taste no fun. Well we tried but it yields limited results.

Reward yourself with Fruitful Gifts from the Sea

Eating blend is discouraging. Then why don’t we go for a way that is both fun and healthy, i.e. the Spanish Ajillo. It is nothing more difficult than diced seafood (or frutos do mar, to make it sound Spanish), and vegetables with basic seasonings commonly found in kitchen.

First, mix the olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt. Pour it into the honeycomb pan.

Second, when bubbles emerge, add your desired food. The suggested list includes (but not limited to) shrimps, octopus, scallops, cherry tomatoes, broccolis and baby mushrooms. The frozen ones from supermarket will do the job. Of course, buying straight from the fresh market is always fantastic.

Third, turn the food to another side to make sure each piece is fully cooked.

 The last step, pair the food with your favourite wine. White wine and rosé go with seafood.

Time-saving, Economical and Safe

Eating out in a Spanish bistro costs you no less than 10 dollars, not to mention the menu is decided by the chef. The classic Ajillo is a plate of shrimps or mushrooms. Owning a takoyaki maker allows full autonomy to the choice of food. Here I recommend hard cheese, adding animal protein and the subtle creaminess in your diet.

Comparing the price with the same products, which costs approximately 45 dollars, the Takoyaki maker from StarBlue is economically priced at USD 29.99.

In order to withstand the simmering heat from cooking, the electric pan is made of aluminium and protected from high-density polyethylene, one of the safest types of coating materials proved by substantiated biological and chemical experiments. Therefore, it lasts longer than a year. So what does it mean? You spend less than one dollar each time having an exotic dish!

As the name speaks for itself, this machine makes Takoyaki, the Japanese octopus balls. Apart from this function, it is also used for making Ajillo.

From preparation to cleaning up, it takes no longer than two hours. Thanks to the non-stick coating, it is easy to clean the pan without any grease or stain left.

Final Words

Building a habit is not easy. But with new explorations and the right tools, a seemingly unreachable goal becomes possible. It is plausible to take things at your own pace, instead of chasing a drastic change at one night.

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