Easy Thanksgiving Food Ideas

November 20, 2020

Easy Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Thanksgiving dinners have evolved into such a huge and complicated meal. Cooking for this annual celebration is a feat in itself. After all, who can pull off roasting a massive bird and with side dishes to boot?


Here’s an advice: prepare bits and pieces of meals so you don’t spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Also, why not make some simple dishes instead?


Wine and Cheese

Great wine tastes better than cheese. In fact, every wine ends up better tasting with cheese. Choosing your wines first to decide what cheeses will go along with it or vice versa will always make sure things come together and your wine and cheese are not at odds with each other.


And note that the ultimate cheese board gives you everything you like – cheese, crackers, pieces of bread, fruit, cold cuts of meat, salty nibbles, etc.



When it comes to churros, people always want an original recipe, but all the frying can be tiresome. Luckily, there's a recipe for churros that doesn't call for a lot of grease, isn't fried, and is very delicious.  The trick? Use a churro maker!


Waffle Ice Cream Bowl

Crunchy waffle cones and bowls are the best compliment to an ice cream sundae bar. They are super quick and inexpensive to assemble, and they taste better than packaged waffle cones and bowls.


Using a waffle bowl machine to save time and energy. They're so fun and quick to make, and they're going to bake pretty fast.



Savory and sweet crepes are a perfect way to finish your Thanksgiving meal. The best thing is that you can make all of this on your electric crepe maker—leaving the oven open for your turkey!



If you ever find yourself with a lot of leftovers, whip up some tortillas! Tortilla wraps are essentially a blank canvas, so you know that you can stuff anything in it and it always tastes good.


How’s Your Menu Coming Along?

Thanksgiving is arriving later this week and by now you should know what you're going to do for the big day. Armed with your family recipe and the best kitchen tools, what could possibly go wrong?


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