Holiday Themed Dessert Ideas Your Family Will Enjoy

December 18, 2020

Holiday Themed Dessert Ideas Your Family Will Enjoy

It's the holiday season, so why don't you sit back and celebrate with lip-smacking Holiday-themed desserts? An enticing menu of tasty desserts made from the finest and freshest ingredients satisfies all tastes. No party is too big or too small when it comes to desserts!


Holiday Crepes

Apple Cinnamon: A classic twist on the traditional apple pie, this crepe is ideal for breakfast or dessert. Smother it with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls for an indulgent holiday treat.

Eggnog Crepes: This melt-in-your-mouth breakfast crepe uses a mixture of eggnog and milk to make the batter sprinkled with eggnog sauce. Slather with pomegranate arils or craisins for a festive touch.


Disney inspired Bubble waffle

Your family will enjoy Bubble waffles are easy to make, with just one proviso: you need a bubble waffle machine. But that's not a problem with a handy Hong Kong waffle maker!


It's just a matter of filling them with your favorite ice cream flavor and toppings from there. You can go for vanilla to balance out any wild topping, or go crazy with chocolate or strawberry!  This season, go for sprinkles, some Pocky, and a tasty roll cookie. They are super sweet, enjoyable, and delightful.


Christmas Churros

Crispy outside and light and airy inside—it's not a surprise that churros are a popular pastry in Mexico and Spain. If you can find them fried by a street food vendor in Mexico City (dusted with cinnamon-sugar) or served at a Madrid breakfast table, we think they're perfect for your next Christmas party.


Only the Most Delectable Desserts for the Holidays

We love to have fun during the holiday season. And while it's the Christmas tree that's a family gathering place – unwrapping gifts and enjoying each other's company – it's when everyone is seated around the dinner table, sharing roasted meats and side dishes that make up the annual feast, that makes it really feel like Christmas. And of course, without desserts, no holiday meal will be complete!

Make sure your waffles are made perfectly with the StarBlue double waffle cone maker. Browse from a wide variety of items to make decadent holiday desserts that everybody will enjoy!


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