Make Food Fun for Kids and Kids at Heart!

May 31, 2020

Make Food Fun for Kids and Kids at Heart!

Whether you admit it or not, kids aren’t the only ones who want to play with their food. Exciting and fun delicious food should be embraced by adults too! 

Thanks to social media, you’ve probably seen some interesting ways to have fun and try new things when preparing, serving, or eating food. Check out these kitchen tools you’d love!


Delicious Crepes

If you’ve ever eaten a delicious french crepe before, you know how delectable it is! They can be made sweet or savory to satisfy any craving you might have. You might think that the only way to get the perfect crepe is at a fancy dinner, but we have good news for you. You can make your own tasty crepes at the comfort of your home. All you need are the ingredients and a great crepe maker like StarBlue’s Crepe Maker!



Fun Bubble Waffles

Bubble Waffles are a street food that hails from Hong Kong and is known as gai daan zai, or “little eggs” in Cantonese. This street food has become an Insta superstar which has turned it into the must-have breakfast or snack of the moment. Make your own infinitely instagram worthy bubble waffle ice cream cones/egg waffle cones right at home!

Bubble Waffle

Savory Churros

Churros are a delicious fried dough treat, served warm and dusted in sugar and cinnamon with a pot of melted chocolate on the side. They are a staple pud at some of our favourite Spanish and Mexican restaurants. But now you can whip them up in your own home. Want to eat churros every morning but don't want to deal with daily deep frying? Click here!



Delightful Bowl Waffle

The waffle cone has delighted generations of ice cream lovers for over a century. Now there's a new twist to that classic treat, the waffle bowl! Delicious waffle bowls are the perfect addition to an ice cream. They're cheaper, better tasting, and super easy to make at home.


Bowl Waffle

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