Prepare Ahead for the Heated Romance

January 14, 2023

Prepare Ahead for the Heated Romance

What? Too early for planning for the Valentine’s Day? Well think about that: fine dining and roses are fantastic but…is he/ she going to be impressed? Do they show your creativity?

Imagine that you are awed by the stunning view of the earth covered in feathery snow. However, you are embraced by warmth. Scents of grilled chicken, mashed potato fill your nostrils. Comfily seated in a tent, you lean on each other sharing a mug of hot coffee. After the sunset, the milky way brightens in darkness.

Would you like to share this precious moment with your loved one? You don’t need to be an outdoor professional or a frequent hiker to do so. Even if you are a first-timer in nature, our camping rocket stove will do the job for you.

Anytime, Anywhere

Take it a mini outdoor kitchen. You just need to pack the pots and pans, food and the camping rocket stove. It just takes a few minutes to set up, and you have the privilege to enjoy the freshness of nature everywhere, including the lakeside, a camping site and your backyard. Besides, you can boil a large pot of water for showers. Spending time outdoor doesn’t mean personal hygiene has to be compromised.

Of course, you are not going to use it in winter only. The low-carbon steel which is rust-resistant guarantees its enduring capacity. It withstands the contrast of humidity and climates all-year round. Besides, it is small in size (15.35” x7.87”)  and light (13.8 lbs) thus easy to carry around. So anytime you feel like setting off, just grab and go.


The heat generation doesn’t rely on gas or propane, instead the wooden branches on the campsite will do. It works for long hours. No ashes is produced during combustion to make sure that your date is not going to be spoilt.

No hassles, no complications but it may be an unforgettable, or an unprecedented experience for both of you.

Remember the way to show LOVE is not about how much you spend, but how far you are willing to go.


 1. Rocket Stove Circular  2. Rocket Stove Square

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