Sausage Roll Recipe that You Should Try

September 24, 2021

Sausage Roll Recipe that You Should Try

Oh, sausage rolls. Nothing else can please a hungry crowd quite like it. On principle, a sausage roll is pretty basic: A delicious sausage wrapped in flaky, chewy pastry, served in your favorite sauce. But you can take it a notch further with a couple of ideas we're sharing here. You'll notice, too, that there's something in common with all these recipes: they can be perfectly cooked with the use of an ever-reliable Sausage Roll Maker! Trust us, when you start using this tool, you're never going to cook your sausage rolls any other way!

Try these easy-to-make recipes now! 
Vegetarian Sausage Rolls 
Go vegetarian with this delicious idea! Vegetarian sausage rolls?! Yes, possible! Switch the traditional sausagemeat with a recipe that uses minced mushrooms, chestnuts, leeks, fresh white breadcrumbs, and mature cheddar for a ‘meaty’ filling without the meat. Spread the vegetarian filling onto the puff pastry dough, bring the pastry around and seal the edges with a fork then put it inside a sausage maker. Serve with Dijon mustard for a satisfying snack.
Curried Sausage Rolls 
Add an all-spiced-up overload twist on your regular sausage rolls by adding curry and other spices. For the filling, you need minced sausage, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, breadcrumbs and curry powder. Cut each pastry sheet in half, then shape a 1/2 cup mince mixture into a sausage shape. Next, place along the half side of a pastry sheet, then roll up the pastry to enclose filling. It's then ready to be put inside a sausage maker until cooked. 
Pork and Coleslaw Rolls 
Savory meat and a scrumptious coleslaw serving always work...even when rolled into a sausage pastry. For this recipe, start by cooking onion and garlic, add fennel seeds, then cook until fragrant. Add breadcrumbs, nutmeg, and pork mince. Next, cut each pastry sheet in half. Shape one-quarter of the mince mixture into a 24cm-long sausage. Top with some coleslaw, then roll up pastry to enclose everything. Put the rolls in a sausage maker until brown and cooked. 
Which one are you trying soon? We can't wait to hear how it goes! 

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