Top Tips for Choosing a Perfect Cheese Cutting Board

March 25, 2019

Top Tips for Choosing a Perfect Cheese Cutting Board

You always wish that you should be able to cut cheese in exactly equal shape and size, so that it will look nice to decorate the dish. But cheese is a tricky food item which is slippery and crusty, and doesn’t cut always in equal shape. What you need here is a proper cheese cutting board. These are available in a variety of types and here are some useful tips to choose the right one among them.

Materials of Cheese Cutting Boards

Cheese cutting boards are made of various materials like wood, plastic, glass and ceramic. Choosing among these is a lot about personal preference. Some home chefs are happy with wooden boards because they are hygienic and less noisy, while some others prefer plastic or glass boards because they are easy to clean. So, which material is indeed ideal for a cheese cutting board?


What to Consider while Choosing a Cheese Cutting Board?


If you feel daunted while choosing among various cutting boards, you should ask certain questions to yourself and make a choice based on their answers:

  • What will you use the cutting board mainly for? Will you use it only for cutting cheese or also for fruits, vegetables and even meat? Or will you use it to cut something dry like bread for making sandwiches?
  • Will the cutting board get grooved or scratched so as to create areas for bacteria to develop?
  • Will it remain stained with foods like beets?
  • Will it retain smells (with onion or garlic, for example)?

Getting answers to these questions will remove much of confusion from your mind about choosing a cutting board. You can also consider pros and cons of individual materials.


Wooden Cutting Boards


Although it seems to be unsanitary, wood has gained official approval by food safety organizations. It’s true that just like plastic, wood can get scratched with the cutting action of knives and bacteria can develop in the scratches. However, wood has been proven to be more sanitary than plastic because bacteria cannot easily develop into the wooden board’s grooves as previously assumed because they die over time instead of multiplying due to the natural antibacterial properties of wood. And now you can get the very convenient wooden cheese board set too with various types of knives with handy storage compartments.


Glass Cutting Boards


Glass is obviously a material that is unsurpassed when it comes to hygiene. Plus it gets no scratches. But the drawback of glass cutting board is that even sharp quality knives become dull on them soon and have to be sharpened again and again.


Plastic Cutting Boards


For a long time, it was believed that plastic is cleaner than wood; but this has been proven wrong. Plastic boards too get scratched and bacteria can develop and thrive in the scratches. The only way to clean a plastic board is to throw it in the dishwasher as it is impossible to clean it completely with hands.

So, consider these things while choosing your cheese cutting board and have the most perfect for you.

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