Unique Holiday Gifts

November 18, 2019

Unique Holiday Gifts

For this year's Holiday season, you're back with one goal: To nail your presents for the people around you. You know, gifts that they actually can and want to use. But let's be real. There are just too many holiday gift ideas out there, so allow us to do the tough job of narrowing down your options. How about choosing a certain category? One that is so encompassing, it can practically be enjoyed by anyone. Our definite answer: You can never go wrong with anything food-related.  
Skip the weird food hacks you see on random sites--let your favorite people rely on these gadgets to do the actual work for their specialized culinary creations. Enter this list of standout gifts, which hopefully is just as helpful as the people that make your life worth celebrating. 
Cast Iron Tortilla Press 

Make someone's weekly tradition--say, Taco Tuesday--even more impressive. This Cast Iron Press is every tortilla lover's must-have for their staggering collection of all things tortilla (or taco, enchilada, tostada, quesadilla, burritto...you name it). At 10 inches and 12.54 pounds of cast iron, this one's definitely made for no-nonsense, heavy-duty cooking. The larger, and heavier, size means that it easily churns out typical 6" tortillas that are nice and uniform. It's pre-seasoned with high-grade 100% Non-GMO flaxseed oil so that it can be used right away. It even comes with 100 pieces of oil paper to ensure that it doesn't stick!  And because it is almost maintenance-free, cleaning it simply requires a simple wipe on the surface.
Double Waffle Bowl Maker 
Many of us have that one friend who can really drop everything to be able to enjoy a slow morning and a full breakfast. Guess what? If only everyone was like them, we'd all be enjoying stress-free days because as research shows, a good breakfast really does set a positive mood for the rest of the day. Speaking of breakfast, we bet that person would enjoy a breakfast bowl that's literally edible. This Double Waffle Bowl Maker serves up double the goodness of fluffy (or crispy) waffle bowls, filled with the best sweet or savory toppings. Waffle bowls sound a bit fancy, yes, but with this gadget, it becomes impressively doable--pour some batter on the non-stick plates, close the lid, and wait for it to finish cooking. Extravagant breakfast in an instant, unlocked! Your friend will love you for it!  
Takoyaki Maker  
Takoyaki Maker
Do you know someone who fancies Japanese cuisine? Popular Japanese specialties like Sushi, Udon, Tempura or Gyudon already seem accessible enough to recreate in any household. So how about surprising them with something unexpected, something that will give them a taste of the all too familiar, ball-shaped treats spotted in the streets of Japan? Takoyaki Balls are considered comfort food, but are quite tricky to do, unless made with the use of a custom tool. This Takoyaki Maker has a total of 18 non-stick molds, producing just enough Takoyaki balls per batch of cooking. It guarantees even heat distribution system so that no spot is left uncooked. It also comes with free cooking utensils which are similar to the authentic ones they use in Japan! 
Churro Maker 
Churro Maker tool
For that person who enjoys experimenting on pastries of different sizes and forms, this Churro Maker is a great gift idea. With its 8 assorted disc tips, your pastry-loving fam or friend will have so much fun creating various designs of churros and other decadent treats like eclairs, thin donuts, bite-sized cakes and bread. Having detachable parts, it's easy to clean and pop inside a dishwasher. Don't forget to also send the free e-book of delicious Churro recipes and ideas that come with the purchase!    
Cheese Board Set 
We understand the struggle of coming up with a gift for a person who's so...hard to please. That person has seen and experienced many finer things in the world, so any gift just won't seem to cut it. That said, an impeccably curated cheese board set seems like a fancy gift idea. It's the perfect balance of personal touch and extravagance. First, consider the base. This oval-shaped Cheese Board Set is made of top quality oak wood and even comes with high-grade cutlery. Next, pick your cheese varieties. Our tip is to pick at least one recognizable cheese like a cheddar or a Manchego, then go embrace variety for the rest. You can also follow the acronym FABS: Firm (e.g. Manchego, Parmesan, etc.), Aged (cheddar, Gouda), Blue (Gorgonzola, Stilton), and Soft (brie, Camembert). After that, decide your accouterments. Pick bread or any fitting carbs, plus something sweet like honey, or salty, like cured meats. It would be nice if you could also add a bottle of (expensive) wine! We kid you not, even a person who seems to have everything will appreciate a thoughtful gift! 
For more gift ideas this Holiday Season, check out StarBlue's full list of products. What other food-related gift ideas do you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments below! 

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