5 Ways to Cut Power Usage & Save Money this Winter

December 11, 2022

5 Ways to Cut Power Usage & Save Money this Winter

If you hate seeing your winter utility bills, you are certainly not alone. Rapidly increasing costs of fuel and energy have made many people redouble their efforts to cut power usage and save money. Rocket Stove is happy to provide you with these important tips for helping your budget this winter.

1. Let In the Sun

A great way to ease your energy burden during sunny days is to keep your curtains open. Helping sunlight enter your house will take some of the pressure off of your heating unit. Just remember to close curtains again at night to protect against heat loss.

2. Bring Outside Habits Inside

Many of our Rocket Stove customers love camping. You can take some of the habits from your time outdoors to improve your energy usage indoors. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, this is a great way to warm the room that you are in without having to heat the entire house, similar to a campfire. Additionally, keep your temperature lower by layering blankets just as you would camping.

 You can watch the following video on how to use the stove

3. Find and Seal Leaks

One of the major causes of inefficiency when it comes to keeping your home warm is the loss of heat through cracks and drafts. Investing a little bit of money in things like weatherstripping is a great way to save more in the long term. For drafty windows, window film is cheap and easy to apply. Spending some time and effort at the beginning of winter can lower your heating bills.

4. Save on Cooking Energy

If you want to save money on your energy bills, seeking out alternatives to traditional cooking can put some extra dollars in your pocket. Perhaps pick a night each week to cook outdoors with your Rocket Stove. This can be a fun family event while requiring only a bit of wood. What’s better than saving money while spending quality time together?

5. Close Off Unused Rooms

Your heating bill is proportionate to the size of your home, so why not use this trick to make your home “smaller?” If you have a guest room, storage room, or other places that you don’t use, close the doors, and shut the vents inside these rooms. This will reduce the effort (and energy) it takes for your HVAC to heat the rest of your home.

Final Thoughts

Winter is a wonderful time but also one when heating bills and fuel usage tends to spike. Hopefully these tips are valuable in helping you prepare for winter power cuts and more efficiently use your energy. As always, follow Rocket Stove for more interesting and helpful information.

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